New In the Store: Club Thrashin, 3D Glasses (Signed by Swamp)

We’ve added a few items to the store recently that shouldn’t be missed.

Club Thrashin MP3 and 3D Video

The latest song from DJ Swamp is now available in the store in both MP3 format and IPod video. If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for something kick ass. The song hits hard with the sick style Swamp brings, and is matched by a hot 3D video. Don’t miss this!

3D Glasses (Signed by Swamp)

Watching the new video Club Thrashin wouldn’t be complete without a pair of 3D glasses. You can buy them direct from the store, and they will be autographed by DJ Swamp. 3D is getting big, so pick up the glasses soon!

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