The Collective Works DVD

The Collective Works DVD is a film chronicling the musical juggernaut called DJ Swamp. This is perfect for hip hop, rock, and scratch music fans.



If you’ve never seen DJ Swamp live, you’re missing an amazing show. Get The Collective Works DVD and see DJ Swamp in action!

The Collective Works DVD features a ton of great footage from live shows, concerts, and more. There are multiple music videos featured on the TV, including the Worship the Robots, a song that managed to turn a Speak and Spell into a rapper.

The DVD is 80 minutes long and features end to end awesomeness. Hip hop and rock fans will see the pyro lyricist drop killer verses on dope self-produced beats. Turntablism fans will get to see the U.S. DMC Champion scratch vinyl records to shreds, showing why DJ Swamp is the Wax Assassin!

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