Infinite House Loops Volume 1 (Double Vinyl)

House DJs get ready! Infinite House Loops: Volume 1 has landed and is ready to help you rock a murderous set!



Attention House DJs: Are you ready for a new set of house loops for your arsenal? If so, this collection from DJ Swamp is exactly what you NEED!

What is Infinite House Loops: Volume 1

Infinite House Loops: Volume 1 is a collection of super dope house beats that loop endlessly, giving you a set of beats that don’t stop until you want them to. A highly valuable tool for DJs,¬†this set of loops is pressed on specially designed vinyl and is perfect for:

  • Competition DJs
  • Club DJs
  • Band DJs
  • Remix DJs

Infinite House Loops: Volume 1 includes over 200 sick¬†loops across a double vinyl set. Yes, you read that right. Over 200 loops on a double vinyl album. Your turntable needles won’t know what hit them!

(Neither will the crowd when you spin these killer beats!)

Best of all, there are more than just beats on this huge collection of house loops. You’ll also get bass lines and acapella cuts to build incredible tracks, routines, and remixes. If you’re a DJ who needs house loops, this is the collection you’ve been waiting for!

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