Vinyl Disciple (CD)

The second full-length album from DJ Swamp hits hard with dope beats, sick lyrics, and world class DJ scratches.



He’s back with more sick cuts, heavy beats, and dope lyrics to murder your speakers with!

DJ Swamp drops his highly anticipated album that┬ámerges rap, rock, and scratch music with perfection. This independent work has 14 banging tracks, including Pyro, Little Landmine, Plastic Surgery, and Club Thrashin’.

Check out “Little Landmine” from Vinyl Disciple

Vinyl Disciple Track Listing

  • Vinyl Disciple Intro
  • Club Thrashin’
  • Rock Rollin’
  • Aliens Are Coming
  • Little Landmine
  • Feast Of Flesh
  • Servant Of Evil
  • Pyro
  • History That Never Was
  • Mind Control
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Killer In The Rain
  • B Girls Invasion

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Dimensions6 × 6 × .6 in