DJ Swamp 3D Glasses

Get these classic 3D Glasses for Youtube, Vimeo, or any other video service. They have a slick design, built for a limited run from DJ Swamp.


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Have you seen the music video Club Thrashin’? Have you seen Club Thrashin’ in 3D?

The first track from the album Vinyl Disciple came to Youtube in standard and 3D. Anyone without 3D glasses couldn’t watch the 3D version. Don’t end up without 3D glasses!

These 3D glasses for Youtube are great for watching Club Thrashin’, Invasion of the B Girls, Demonic Influence, or any other 3D video.

These 3D glasses feature the classic design but skinned with the DJ Swamp logo and style. These are great 3D glasses for Youtube, Vimeo, or even your own 3D movies you have at home.